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April Nugent 


April got her start in the animal world at the age of 13, where she worked around horses and farm animals at a private barn and public riding facility. She gave guided trail rides to inexperienced riders, groomed and clipped horses,  as well as the maintenance of the dreaded stalls.    And by 15 she began showing her own horse in Dressage, competitive horse training.  After years of working with horses in both the riding, training, and grooming side she acquired the position of, "Director of Equestrian and Farm Animals" for Broward County, Florida for  Fort Lauderdale.  Her duties were to see to the day to day health and well being of 35 horses and 25 farm animals. She was also responsible for the training and leadership of 15 employees in a publicly accessible park. This rewarding position prepared her for a facility of her own. As owner of The Hound Playground and 9 dogs of her own, she is once again seeing to the promotion of a healthy owner/ pet relationship.



John Nugent II 


John spent the first part of his life pursuing a career in "Hospitality Management".  With a degree in Communications and Business he set out to take on the world.  After years of working for large International Companies, with such titles as National Director Of Field Hospitality and National Logistics and Hospitality Manager he found his affinity for dogs to be overwhelming.  During this time John had acquired several dogs and quickly found that a future working with dogs was imperative.  John with wife April rescued a couple of pit bulls while living in Florida and a bloodhound and mastiff in Ohio.  It was seeing the problems that rescued animals often have that he began honing his training skills and working with other clients pets.  John and April have 11 dogs including, 6 Bloodhounds, Beo, Avery, Mabel, Butters, Mumphrey and "Daisy" (rescue), 2 Pit Bulls, "Mini" and "Wyatt" (both rescues), 2 English Mastiffs, "Grant" and "Daphne" (rescue) and a Chocolate Labrador, "Hobson".  They sleep on the same bed, eat out of the same bowl and travel everywhere together. 



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