When your special hound wants to come to play we want everyone to play nice and have fun; so, we've set up some rules to make sure that every human and every dog knows that they are in a safe and secure environment.  Your hound will have to:


Behavior Evaluation and Enrollment Forms

  • We thoroughly evaluate each dog prior to accepting enrollment to make sure that your dog will be happy at The Hound Playground. 

  • Dogs are evaluated for temperament around other dogs, toys and strangers. 

  • The following forms will be required:  Emergency Contact Information, Vet Information, Proof of Vaccinations (obtain from vet prior to Evaluation, please), and Special needs.

  • Any dog that shows aggression will NOT be allowed to enroll.

  • Enrollment is fully at The Hound Playground's discretion and can require any dog to go through further evaluation.  Please note  that the following breeds will require a more extensive evaluation:


  • Pit Bull Types (Molosser Breeds)
  • Rottweiller
  • Chow Chow
  • German Shepherd
  • Doberman Pincher
  • Mastiffs




    We will obtain the following vaccine records for your dog from his Veterinarian:

    • Rabies (3year
    • Dhllp   3 year
    • Bordetella Annually

    Additional Requirements

    • Your hound can start playing with us when she turns 4 months old
    • All dogs must be spayed / neutered by 6 months old.
    • Your dog must wear current dog license tags.
    • Your dog must be on a regular flea preventative.



    Call To Set Up Your Behavior Evaluation Today!

    Monday - Friday:  7am - 6pm
    Saturday:  8am - 3pm
    Sunday:  closed
    642 W. National Rd. Vandalia, OH 45377
               General Information:


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