Behavior Training

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your dog's behavior? 

Have you ever wanted your dog to obey simple sit and stay commands? 

Maybe your dog's got sit down, but  do you need him to listen to more complex commands?  Have you thought how nice it would be to take your relationship with your pet to the next level? 

Have you ever thought your dog is just plain Crazy?  

The Hound Playground Training Professionals have been there and have the experience to help.  Let our trained staff help you correct problems; such  as, barking, aggressiveness, simple obedience, and many other unwanted behaviors in your home where the problem is likely to be occurring.

The Hound Playground offers a personal behavior training experience unique for each dog and their specific and breed personalities and behaviors.  We offer a unique bonding method that really gets the dog ready to accept a dynamic variety of training methods that include a mixture of positive reinforcement and pack leader tactics.  We know that our proven method is best used in private sessions with you and your dog.

John Nugent, our professional Trainer, has 15 years of experience that started with his Bull Terrier, Taco.  Taco was simply stubborn.  John started developing his bonding techniques with Taco and to this day Taco is by his side as his best friend.  John is a Full Member of APDT, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Feel free to email me, with questions or comments, and of course feel free to stop in with your pet to say hello!


Behavior Training Rates

In-home behavior training.  Please contact John for a unique plan designed to target your dogs behaviors, as each dog is different, the number of training sessions will vary.

  • $100.00 per hour


Call To Set Up Your Behavior Training Today!

Monday - Friday:  7am - 6pm
Saturday:  8am-3pm
Sunday:  closed
642 W. National Rd. Vandalia, OH 45377
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